The combination of attention to aerodynamics and versatility creates Wind 40.

It's easy to see that the design of the 40 mm rim is the direct descendant of the Speed 55 wheel: all the features developed for the range topping wheelsets have been included here, in a more versatile version.

The Wind 40 has 40 mm deep, lightweight rim, created by the superposition of wide, modern unidirectional carbon layers, with a pronounced profile (8 mm radius). The design incorporates innovative shapes, designed to provide a smooth transition between the tyre and the rim eliminating turbulence.

The wheelset is completed with aluminium hubs, which support 24 "straight pull" spokes, guaranteeing maximum overall rigidity, both in acceleration and when braking, without lateral movement due to the asymmetric nature of the forces coming from the disc and cassette.

Wind 40 Rim Brake Wheels

    • Discipline: Road / Triathlon
    • Weight: 1550 g
    • Rim Material: Carbon
    • Rim Height: Front and rear: 40 mm
    • Rim Width: 24 mm
    • Internal Rim Width: 17 mm
    • Tyre Width: From 23 mm to 50 mm
    • Front Wheel Spokes: 18 (9 left - 9 right)
    • Rear Wheel Spokes: 21 (7 left - 14 right)
    • Spoke Material: Stainless steel, double butted
    • Hubs: Aluminum, Aluminum flanges
    • Bearings: Sealed cartridge bearings

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