The Racing 6 represents the initial offering from the Fulcrum line-up and brings the highly respected quality from the rest of the range and offers it to a wider audience. The classic style hub with J-bend spokes adds an air of classic performance and reliability to a new and modern wheelset.

At a very interesting 1760gr for a pair of road wheels the Racing 6 is a perfect solution for not only great training wheels but a great way to enter into the world of Fulcrum quality wheels for those sportive riders looking for something more.

2019 Racing 6 Wheel Set

    • Tyre Type: Clincher
    • Discipline: Road
    • Weight: 1760g
    • Rim material: Aluminum
    • Rim height: Front 24.5mm and rear 27.5mm
    • Rim width: 23mm
    • Tyre Width: From 25mm to 50mm

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