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ParkTool School 2 day Course

Park Tool School teaches you to be more self-reliant on the road or on the trail.
ParkTool School 2 day Course

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Course can be run on request

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Park Tool School teaches you to be more self-reliant on the road or on the trail.

Park Tool School saves you money by giving you the confidence to do your own basic repairs and maintenance, saving on those costly service bills.

By knowing the appropriate bike industry lingo, you’ll be better prepared deal with your local bike shop when ordering parts, or when more extensive repairs are needed.

You’ll know what you can do, know how to spot work that’s beyond your tooling or skills, and know what to ask for when you go to your local bike shop.

Park Tool School is a great way to meet other cyclists.

The list of topics covered in our 2 Day Park Tool School has evolved significantly over time.

2 days of instruction offers a limited amount of time for topics we have selected specific repairs based on some essential elements, those being:

Small repairs that can be handled with limited experience

Common mechanical challenges that cyclists face

Jobs based on a home mechanics budget for tooling

Building a foundation of mechanical knowledge

This course Also includes a copy of the latest Big Blue Book of Cycle Repairs produced by Park Tools


  • Terminology, Parts, and Systems of the Bicycle
  • Mechanical Foundations
  • Thread-less Headset Removal, and Reinstallation
  • Square Taper Crank Arm Removal and Reinstallation
  • Sealed Bottom Bracket Removal and Reinstallation
  • Cassette Removal and Reinstallation
  • Freewheel Removal and Reinstallation
  • Chain Sizing, Removal and Reinstallation
  • Brake Caliper removal and Reinstallation
  • Brake Pad Removal and Reinstallation
  • Brake Cable and Brake Housing Installation
  • Brake System Set-up and Adjustment
  • Front Derailleur Removal and Reinstallation
  • Rear Derailleur Removal and Reinstallation
  • Shift Cable, and Shift Housing Installation
  • Shifter Set-up, and Adjustment
  • ParkTool School 2 Day

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